Category: Co-curricular

ICSE Prep school in Patiala
November 1, 2021

Fun games and dance activity

The endless and carefree fun times with friends are the privileges of childhood that people treasure later in life. A school is a place where children learn social skills, besides academics. Playtime ...
ICSE Prep school in Patiala
October 19, 2021

Dussehra Celebrations

Festivals bring hope, joy, positivity and give reason to celebrate the occasions. Dussehra is a significant religious festival because of the triumph of good over evil.   With all the intel...
ICSE Prep school in Patiala
October 19, 2021

Good Manners

Manners maketh man is a beautiful proverb that defines a man; his conduct, manners that he observes and practices in routine. Grooming a child at the right age and time helps in a pleasant disposition...
ICSE Prep school in Patiala
October 5, 2021

Gandhi Jayanti

What attributes make a simple man into a Mahatma? The simplicity, empathy, spirituality, the essence to be humane makes a person, Mahatma, a great soul. Mahatma Gandhi, who is and was fondly kno...
ICSE Prep school in Patiala
September 18, 2021

Hindi Story Telling Competition

Stories, fables, fairy-tales elicit excitement, emotions from children. Children are keen observers who give wings to their imagination and paint an imaginative canvas with words that helps them...
ICSE Prep school in Patiala
September 14, 2021

Origami Activity

Each child has an ingrained creative streak that inspires the child to be highly imaginative, original and creative. Restrictions or constraints put fetters on a child's imagination. Activities stimul...
ICSE Prep school in Patiala
September 7, 2021

Teacher’s Day Celebrations

A teacher enlightens, inspires, and helps the curious learners to unravel their innate abilities and potential. A teacher shoulders the responsibility to educate young minds with knowledge, civility, ...
ICSE Prep school in Patiala
August 30, 2021

Janmashtami Celebrations

Janmashtami is an occasion that celebrates the birth of Lord Krishna, the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Lord Krishna is a much loved and revered Hindu deity. Janmashtami is celebrated with religious fer...
ICSE Prep school in Patiala
August 25, 2021

Raksha Bandhan Celebrations

Raksha Bandhan, an auspicious occasion, celebrates the love, trust and timeless bond between brothers and sisters, shared since childhood. Siblings grow together, sharing all joys and sorrows, and the...
ICSE Prep school in Patiala
August 16, 2021

Independence Day Celebrations

Independence Day is reminiscent of history that is testimony to the sacrifices and struggles of our freedom fighters. Freedom fighters fought tooth and nail against the oppressive British rule and pro...