Category: Co-curricular

ICSE Prep school in Patiala
June 7, 2022

Summer Camp – Day 5

The fifth day of summer camp was packed with excitement and fun. Our little champs are not only having fun, but they are also acquiring new skills. All of these cheerful faces and efforts are more ...
ICSE Prep school in Patiala
June 6, 2022

Summer Camp – Day 4

In this scorching summer, what should we serve you? What about some delicious cold coffee made at home? Online summer camp is a way to provide innumerable opportunities to kids while having a go...
ICSE Prep school in Patiala
June 2, 2022

Coloring Competition

The magic of colors is everywhere. Colors radiate energy, magic, playfulness and have their own significant symbolism. A child's imagination runs wild when given the freedom to choose the color to ...
ICSE Prep school in Patiala
June 2, 2022

Summer Camp – Day 3

Summer Camp is a perfect heaven where we ensure that our adorable little ones have an unforgettable summer! A variety of activities based on art, literature & craftsmentship in our summer camp make...
ICSE Prep school in Patiala
June 1, 2022

Summer Camp – Day 2

What is the nicest thing about Summer vacation for school kids? Summer camp! Summer camp activities are excellent learning opportunities for children during the summer. It assists them in remainin...
ICSE Prep school in Patiala
May 31, 2022

Summer Camp 2022-23

The arrival of summer brings back memories of scorching heat and long days. Children are all set to go on summer vacation. Vacation is a much-anticipated time for children when they have all of t...
ICSE Prep school in Patiala
May 24, 2022

Clay Modelling Activity | Prep wing to Class I

Nature has bestowed every youngster with a natural curiosity and creative capacity. The child's perspective of the universe, his comprehension and interpretation of what he sees around him, stimulates...
ICSE Prep school in Patiala
May 19, 2022

English Recitation Competition

Kaintal Preparatory School is committed to its students' overall development, which includes language, cognitive and emotional development. The English Recitation Competition was held on 14.5.22 for t...
ICSE Prep school in Patiala
May 9, 2022

Mother’s Day Celebration

Mothers are without a doubt the most beautiful creation of God and should be praised every day. On the beautiful occasion of Mother's Day, our kids prepared beautiful handmade greeting cards to convey...
ICSE Prep school in Patiala
April 25, 2022

Healthy Snack Day

We are constantly focused on promoting healthy eating among our students and are always looking for new ways to do so. As a result, on April 23, in continuation of previous activities related to healt...